What to expect from your Loctician

What to expect from your Loctician

Lockology Hair This! What to expect from your Loctician
(Part 3 of 3)

The services rendered by any salon or stylist depends on their target market, skills and experience. What you get from the experience should be what was marketed as well as other key must haves. When visiting your stylist here are 10 things we think you should expect.

1. A knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff
2. A clean and wholesome environment
3. Product knowledge, options and pricing
4. Clearly presented service options and pricing
5. The availability of other products for purchase
6. A safe, easily accessible location
7. Sterilized, properly working tools and equipment
8. Certificates, Licenses, or Awards posted where necessary
9. Access to a manager or supervisor in the event of an issue or for general questioning
10. To walk away feeling like it was money well spent!

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